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Audit of equipment availability and repairs performed

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Monolit CRM
  • Photo catalog compilation - saving one or several photos for each product identifier (SKU).
  • View the photo catalog on a mobile device at the time of order entry.
  • Photographing a point of sale - display of products, commercial equipment at the time of the visit from the camera of a mobile device for subsequent transfer of photos to the CRM system database.
  • Special questionnaire to determine the number and type of photos. Created photos on mobile devices are associated with monitoring this form.

Thus, photos taken during the visit can be typed, for example: “photos of refrigeration equipment”, “photos of the display on the shelf”, etc.

  • View photos from workplaces, supervisors and analysts.
  • Photos taken by sales representatives during visits are available for viewing in the CRM system.

Available in two modes: automatic and manual (with the ability to change data)

  • View on the map of the route of the sales agent traveled per day;
  • Calculation and display of the distance traveled along the route.
  • View on the map and the adjustment of the reference coordinates of outlets;
  • Display on the map of planned and actual routes of mobile employees grouped by teams;
  • Comparison of the reference location of retail outlets and the actual location of the mobile employee when making visits, taking into account the specified error;
  • Control of the correctness of visits (match with the reference coordinates of the outlet) in various reports and KPIs.

When working with orders on a mobile device, you can select the price list. Sets of price lists are unloaded from the financial accounting system and can be assigned to individual outlets or groups of outlets.

Functionality allows in the mobile workplace to select the desired price list from the list of allowed for this outlet. When changing the price list in the order, all order lines are automatically recalculated according to the new price list.

Specialized integration modules with distributors for the 1C system automatically transfer to the CRM system all available price lists from the financial and accounting system of the distributor, and also assign them to outlets in accordance with the pricing policy of the company.

The module is designed to encrypt GPS data on mobile devices. The purpose of this functionality is to prevent unauthorized changes to the tracking route and location, recorded at the time of the visit by a mobile employee. Key generation for data encryption is performed using the embedded cryptographic tools of the operating system of the mobile device.

The module is designed to send an order from a mobile device to a CRM system. After completing an order, it is sent to CRM online. In the absence of an Internet connection, the data enters the auto-send queue. It occurs at the interval specified in CRM. Transferring an order online does not require a standard synchronization session. This reduces the total number of synchronization sessions on mobile devices, as well as reduces data transfer costs.

The module is intended for the registration of personal data, calculation of charges and payments to sales representatives. The module allows you to keep track of both full-time sales representatives and sales representatives who are on the distributor’s staff. It also allows you to provide remote access to enter all the necessary information for supervisors and analysts of the company.

Provides input and correction of the following data:

  • Personal information on sales representatives working for distributors of the company;
  • Automatic calculation of salary charges, compensations and bonuses based on the KPI system for sales representatives based on the results of reporting periods;
  • Schedule training and field training with the ability to monitor the implementation and automatic creation of relevant tasks on the PDA;
  • Personal development plans for each employee;
  • Actual employee benefits

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